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Conventional Wisdom leads us astray

Louie Bacaj
Louie Bacaj
1 min read
Conventional Wisdom leads us astray

It's nobody's fault that conventional wisdom sucks, and at the same time, it is all of our fault. Conventional wisdom takes a long time to form. For wisdom to become conventional, a lot of people have to accept it as truth.

Conventional wisdom, therefore, is a lagging indicator of what works now. That thing has to work long enough for it to become a convention.

When our parents advise us to go to school and major in something that used to work in their time, they mean no harm. It's just the world is moving fast. When our teachers try to teach us more than just the fundamentals by pushing us in a direction they went or saw work, they mean no harm. But what they've accepted as truth perhaps has stopped working. When the media recognizes that certain industries are hot, it's only because they've been hot long enough to get on their radar.

There is this comfort that comes from listening to our parents, to our teachers, to the current convention. But the truth is they don't know shit about where this ever-evolving complex life is headed. What used to work in their time has long become obsolete. But people like comfort, so they listen.

One of my bigger regrets in life is that I advised my brother to do a business degree in 2006-2007 because my own Computer Science degree felt useless. It felt useless at that time because every company was trying to outsource; little did I know what would happen next in tech. And little did I know what would happen to the financial world in 2008. By trusting in convention, I gave terrible advice.

Conventional wisdom is a lagging indicator of a fast-changing world. If you decide to listen to conventional wisdom, do so at your own risk.

Understand what I needed to learn the hard way; as the loops of change from technology get faster and faster, convection becomes more and more useless.