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Maven Application

Hi Maven Team,

Below are the links to all of the places we promoted our Newsletter course on and the link tou our survey. I collected them all in this page for you convenience.

Here is our landing page for the course, with the Survey:

Louie Bacaj Twitter Thread Promoting the Course:

Chris Wong Twitter Thread Promoting the course:

Louie Bacaj Newsletter Promoting the course:

M&Ms #33: Transparency
Hey Team, I have two things for you this week a lesson I learned on Transparency and someBIG NEWS. This week I posted a fairly personal thread on Twitter[]. It’s not like me to do that. It took me months to become this comfortable shari…

Chris Wong Newsletter Promoting the course

🤯Unknown Unknowns #31 - Paradoxical Pleasures
We decided to make Christmas presents for my relatives this year. Two types of treats, Coconut Crackle Chocolate Coffee Toffee Bark and PeppermintWhite Chocolate Toffee Bark. It was pretty fun, and I always have a hard timepicking out gifts for other people. -----------------------------------…