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Postcard 3: Leverage

Welcome to the third edition of the weekly postcard. I hope you've had a great week. I'm in the midst of the third real-estate deal that I've done in my life, and I've been thinking a lot about leverage. High leverage activities I've experienced first hand over the last ten

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Postcard 2: Incentives

Hi friends, Hello again from New York, and welcome to the second edition of the weekly postcard. I've spent a lot of time thinking about incentives this week and tried to set up some for my personal life. After finishing Atomic Habits by James Clear, I set up a database

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Postcard 1: Hello From NY

Hi Friends, Welcome to the first edition of the weekly postcard. I am truly grateful you've trusted me to send you this weekly newsletter. Some of you who subscribed to my blog years ago may have forgotten that you did because I am ashamed to say I never sent you