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Postcard 10: Prolific

Louie Bacaj
Louie Bacaj
2 min read

Hi Friends,

I hope you are doing good and Happy Memorial Day to all my friends in the United States.

This week is all about being a prolific creator of things. The world is governed by all these crazy Power Laws (also known as Pareto Distributions, 80-20 rule) and insane outcomes accrue to the most prolific makers of things. 20% of humans are making 80% of the things in the world, and it holds true in nature as well; in fact, it is in nature where Vilfredo Pareto first observed the law.

My article this week titled Pareto's pea pods have more to teach us touches on this subject of being prolific. It references some good books, The Black Swan and Art & Fear if you are interested in learning more about the topic.

A few tweets from this week:

A great tweet thread from Greg Isenberg, that will put lot's of good ideas in your head regarding mental models.

Top Articles I've read from others this week:

Overcoming "Knowledge Blindness" by Justin Welsh

A great article with a real-life example that we probably ought to be learning from those 1 or 2 steps ahead of us than those 100, or a 1000 steps away. Also good motivation to get you teaching others who are 1 or 2 steps behind you,

Artificial Sweeteners – A Free Lunch, or an Obesogenic Carcinogen? What 80+ Studies Say by John Solokas

My wife shared this with me, and it is an in-depth multi-part series on how bad artificial sweeteners really are for us. Worth a read for anyone doing "sugar-free."

One last thing, a quick update on my Ship30 Journey

We are 17 days into shipping 30 essays in 30 days; this has become one of the most prolific periods of my life, thanks to the ship30for30 challenge. The last seven essays, in case you want to follow along in my journey:

Don't forget to reach out if you want to discuss any of these articles, ideas, or any of my other writings. My inbox is open; feel free to reply.

Have a great week,