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Postcard 16: Reinvention

Louie Bacaj
Louie Bacaj
4 min read

Hello from New York.

This week I wrote about why I continue to reinvent myself and my skills and always push those around me to do the same thing. Here are a few excerpts:

If we are forced to reinvent ourselves after we are out of a job, out of money, or see the end coming, that hail mary will always be worse than if we had done it sooner.
Beaten, stressed, and demoralized is not the best way to reinvent yourself. Not for people, not for companies, not for anyone.
Reinvention is not just about building skills that pay more either; it's about diversifying out of single points of failure.

I might be more paranoid than most since I grew up poor, but regardless of that, invention, innovation, and reinvention are all best done long before we need them.

This week I will share three of my best performing essays, one of which got over 15,000 eyeballs which is a big marker for me. And as usual I will share the best ideas I ran into this week:

Three Articles from me this week:

The best ideas I ran into from others this week:

One of the best Twitter threads I have come across in a while comes from Zain this week who shared his story and his learnings from the last few years. Do give it a read, it's very unconventional but all incredibly true.

Some amazing wisdom from Monica Lim whom I met in David Perell's write of passage writing course. She is quoting Chris Do and this resonates very much.

Kristina reminds us that we never forget the people that bet on us early. Which of course I never do, I keep in touch with all of those people and I always make sure they know how grateful I am. But this also serves as a reminder to bet on other people, even when they are just getting started, they will never forget it.

A few Articles I've read from others this week:

Life Advice: Become a Billionaire
In a certain view, billionaires are not merely wealthy, they are nearly god-like in their influence. As the New York Times op-ed Abolish Billionaires reads: Billionaires should not exist — at least n

An amazing article that shows us that if you are in tech, anything is possible even becoming a billionaire.

NDA Expired - let’s spill the beans on a weird startup
Many moons ago, when I was very young and you were even younger… London was in full bloom of tech-startups. I was running my own consultancy. Dashing from business to business, trying to pick…

A fun story about a weird startup that failed, some business models probably shouldn't exist.

Teaching Lego Boost: A Beginner’s Guide
If you’re considering teaching programming to either a group of children or your own, this blog post highlights the basics for teaching Lego Boost. Get tips, tricks, and resources that will make your time productive and enjoyable.

A great article if you have kids about a fun way to teach them to program, some good lessons in there about works when teaching too.

Thanks for reading.

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