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Postcard 20: Better Late Than...

Louie Bacaj
Louie Bacaj
4 min read
Postcard 20: Better Late Than...

Hello from Sarasota, Florida.

This postcard is a little late, but I still wanted to get these great articles and ideas over to you and give you a little update.

First, enjoy some of the best articles and ideas I ran into this week; in the bottom I have a small update from me:

A few ideas I ran into this week:

I love this tweet thread by Greg Isenberg because I have found everything he is saying to be true. The world is unbundling from legacy tech that has an inferior experience in a lot of ways. Legacy tech companies cannot and will not niche down to address the smaller markets but those markets are worth billions.

This quote that Ryan Holiday tweeted is an amazing summarization of what happens far too often in our organizations. People focus so hard on getting the process right but they should be focused far, far more on working on the right things.

A tweet by Shaan Puri that sparked a lot of controversy on twitter. For the most part I agree with Shaan, there has only been a few instances where I saw someone really turn things around after a terrible start. The majority do not.

A few Articles I've read from others this week:

Driving engineers to an arbitrary date is a value destroying mistake
Executive Mandates shutdown the value discovery efforts of software teams

This is a long piece, but if you lead engineers it is absolutely worth a read. Deadline Driven Development, the bad kind of DDD, as I've come to call it is nothing but value destroying work. It destroys real potential value from ever coming to fruition. A fun story and some good lessons toward the end of this article.

My Ordinary Life: Improvements Since the 1990s
A list of unheralded improvements to ordinary quality-of-life since the 1990s going beyond computers.

Technology has improved our lives pretty immensely, even just in the last 20 or so odd years. A fun read down memory lane on how much things have changed and how much technology we truly have at our finger tips today.

Sylvain Kerkour
I used to be a pathological overthinker. Everything had to be carefully planned, from the words I would say to the baker to order a baguette to all the insignificant details of any of the projects I worked on. Is it better to tweet at 18:00 or 18:05? Rust or Go? Functional or imperative? Federated o…

A good article on why we overthink the crap out of things. The author shows us how he escaped his own overthinking problem. I too used to overthink things, these days much less so and a a large part of that is just getting into a pattern, a habit of doing one thing consistently, like I talked about in my article on doing.

A few updates from me:

It was a really busy week as I had to wrap up many things before a nice long family vacation. With that being said, another Cohort of Ship30 kicks off today, which I will be doing again because writing all those essays with a group of people is a lot of fun, and my growth continues to be massive.

I was also selected to be a Mentor in the September Cohort of Write of Passage which I am ecstatic about because WoP kicked off this entire journey for me of taking these Cohort Based Courses, building and sharing in public, in February of this year. It's hard to believe that was all this year. Since then, I have an app with thousands of users, articles that tens of thousands of people have read, and all of it has been incredibly fun and exciting growth for me. Now I get to help some others embarking on this journey.

As always thanks for reading.

A reminder that my inbox is open; feel free to reply to this email. I love hearing from my friends and acquaintances who subscribed to this weekly postcard, and I am happy to help in any way that I can.

Have a great weekend,