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Postcard 5: Play

Louie Bacaj
Louie Bacaj
3 min read
Postcard 5: Play

Hi Friends,

Hello from New York; I hope you had a great week.

This week is a reminder about doing the things that feel like play. I am always amazed watching my kids play and how much fun they have doing it. I put some thought into some of my earlier years of software development, where what I was doing actually felt like play rather than work, it all felt like toys. Somewhere along the way, writing code became work and wasn’t play anymore.

This newsletter feels like play, the articles I’ve been writing feel like play. The meetings I’ve had with my writing group feel like play. I vowed this week to make writing code play again. I started building some things just for fun again.

Some of my favorite Naval quotes on Play to ponder on:

The top 3 tweets from this week:

I thought about this a bit and when anecdotes and data collide it usually does not bode well for the data.

A great tweet thread on how Tesla's competitors spend 25 Billion in advertising and Tesla spends nothing.

We have all signed up for online classes and never finished them. A great thread on a new concept my friend Chris is coining, called Course Clubs, and a great way to group together and power through those classes.

Top 2 Articles:

Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman - by Dr. Feynman

Dr. Feynman was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist who, among other things, worked on the first atomic bomb at Los Alamos.

In this post Dr. Feynman reminds us of the importance of Play.

With 15 Words, Warren Buffett Explained a Brutal Truth Most People Never Accept by Bill Murphy Jr.

From the Article:

""The interesting thing about business, it's not like the Olympics. You don't get any extra points for the fact that something's very hard to do. So you might as well just step over one-foot bars, instead of trying to jump over seven-foot bars."
Now, Buffett is talking about business, but this realization also applies to many other parts of life, too: academics, ambitions, even relationships."

My Most Recent Article

I genuinely enjoy my work leading teams of engineers, and this week's article felt like play to write. This article is about how to build a great engineering team from the ground up.

Thank you again for allowing me in your inbox! Please reach out if you want to discuss any of these articles, ideas, or any of my other writings. My inbox is open; feel free to reply.