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The Jet Engine we built.

"Because it's probably harder to build a massive eCommerce platform than an actual Jet engine."So you want to build a massive online eCommerce platform?A lot of friends, and former colleagues, want to know what its been like to build I figured I would take a little

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F# Powered Realtime Dashboard.

Let's build a dashboard powered by .NET and JavaScript, specifically we will use F# and vanilla JavaScript with little bit of jQuery. A while back I wrote an article that was quite popular on building a similar dashboard using Angular and C#, partly because people can't get enough dashboards and

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F# for the backend.

F# your backend.Functional languages are the future of our industry. If you're an object oriented developer looking for a modern Functional language to transition to and further your engineering skills, then I think you should strongly consider learning F#. I predict that within a few years almost all back