F# Powered Realtime Dashboard.

Let's build a dashboard powered by .NET and JavaScript, specifically we will use F# and vanilla JavaScript with little bit of jQuery. A while back I wrote an article that was quite popular on building a similar dashboard using Angular and C#, partly because people can't get enough dashboards and

Let's "Marry Up" Angular to .NET

UPDATE: That article on SitePoint was finally published, go there to see the two in action! AngularJS and .NET seem to work great when used together. At first this type of technology arrangement may seem like overkill to .NET developers or perhaps .NET is not "cool" enough to Angular Developers.

Software Engineers should all learn JavaScript.

Yes you read that title right, All software engineers should learn JavaScript.As Software engineers, we often use JavaScript. But let's face it, JavaScript is like that thing you have had to use to show someone how to consume your API, use your RESTful Service, or to put a front

Web API 2.0 Service with a Java Client.

Web API RESTful File Server and Java Client.Writing APIs that are cross-platform and cross-language has not always been an easy thing to do and certainly hasn’t always been light weight stuff. However, with JSON taking over the world thanks to JavaScript, RESTful APIs seem to be emerging as

ASP.NET MVC and Google Street View / Static Maps API's.

During the building of Realintory, a Cloud based SaaS application to manage real estate inventory, I ran into a situation where I needed to pull a static map of a location and a street view image of it from the Google Maps API. Adding Google Maps API integration to an
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