Software Engineering

After the bug, the RCA.

Bugs, software defects, happen, and when they do they can destroy trust with your business partners and break promises to your customers. I won't sugar coat it like most other articles on the topic out there seem to do that "bugs happen, oh well." Bugs can be so destructive as

How to Recruit and Retain Great Engineers

I’ve always been worried about bringing in great people to my team. Many years into this, and I am still concerned. One of the cliché phrases you hear as a people manager is: “You should never stop recruiting.” As cliché as it may sound, it’s the truth and

The Design Review

The Design ReviewThe design review, and then later in the development phase, the production readiness review, are two incredibly important parts of our development cycle on the Jet.com engineering team. These two events are a huge part of our success; in fact, I will argue that the design review

Principles for High Growth Products

This post is from a talk I recently did for our new class of interns, 2018, at Jet.com. We would not let this … or any of the other big problems in eCommerce stop us and we were determined to ramp up to unprecedented scale faster than anyone ever had

Building Realintory - Part 1

Justin Jackson, from JustinJackson.ca, always says that the best applications are born out of solving a problem for a particular group of people. If that is the case, then Realintory should be no exception. The Problem the Real Estate Industry is Facing:Currently, managing inventory is done by hand,

Perseverance and Burning out.

I recently wrote a blog post about the value of doing, basically just rolling up your sleeves and getting great at what you want to be great at by just persevering. It is also, apparently, fact that people who persevere make more money than people who are just intelligent but

In the spirit of doing.

It took me a while to learn this, but for those of of us, who are not born excelling at something we would love to be great at, we don’t have to watch in awe and just wish we could do those thing. We need to start doing, and
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