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The Avalanche of Doing Things.

Louie Bacaj
Louie Bacaj
1 min read
The Avalanche of Doing Things.

Doing one thing in public seems to lead to doing even more things in our lives. It's the old one thing leads to another cliché.

I started writing a few months back because of a writing course called Write of Passage and a daily challenge called ship 30 essays in 30 days. This lead me to write a newsletter each week for 16 weeks consistently now. This also led me to write code nearly every night to help my brother with the app TapeX he's been working on. It also led me to be vigilant about my gym habit; I get in 4 days of lifting a week now.

Before I knew it, I was doing 1-hour-daily-walks, and the list goes on and on!

I mean, I could keep going, but I don't want to bore you with my habits. I want to prove to you that the weirdest things happen when you become consistent with one thing. When we become disciplined about one great habit, it seems to snowball into so many other parts of our lives.

If you are on the fence just try it for 30 days with any habit you want to build.

The craziest things will start happening to you when you publicly commit to doing something. You'll end up doing other things too. Instead of you trying to pull that willpower out of you, somehow, someway, the act of doing something consistently and in public will start pulling other things out of you in private and in public.

It's a strange phenomenon, and I would've never known it without doing it.