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The best way to grow is naturally.

Louie Bacaj
Louie Bacaj
1 min read
The best way to grow is naturally.

There are a lot of ways to grow.

This is true of people, trees, animals, and everything else that’s alive and growing. These days anything can grow out of control with genetic modifications, steroids, or other supplements. But intuitively, we know none of that stuff is good.

There is only one great way to grow and that’s naturally.

So how do things grow “organically” or “naturally”? Easy, that’s the stuff that’s supposed to grow. Babies grow at a healthy percentage the first few days, weeks, and months of their lives. Trees do too, so does everything that’s supposed to grow.

A SaaS business that people want to use will grow at some healthy clip on its own. Why would this happen? Because it’s meant to grow and because it’s something that adds value and others want to use. I had to learn this lesson the hard way.

They say make something people want; I say make something that grows on its own.

I had several ideas over the last few years and I had to do all of the hard work to make them grow, yet all of them struggled to grow. Don’t get me wrong, there are flowers and grass, you need to water for it to grow, but usually, besides that watering, it will grow. Not most of my past ideas; those were a huge lift to grow.

My current App, TapeX, is getting over 100 downloads a day with no marketing, pushing, or prodding. Others are writing about it, talking about it, and excited to help us grow it. Besides some "watering", it's growing on its own. This is how I realized that the best way to grow is naturally, without spending money, and that’s true for plants and people and Apps too.