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The meaning of your life?

Louie Bacaj
Louie Bacaj
1 min read
The meaning of your life?

I wasn't paying much attention to the existential question, chances are, neither are you.

But half a year of creating forced me to stop wasting my attention and instead focus it on what's truly important to me. It turns out watching lots of Netflix, playing video games, scrolling away meaninglessly on social media, reading junk clickbait articles wasn't the best place to spend my attention.

Writing, and other forms of creation, helped me repoint my conscious attention long enough to question everything.

At first, creating things forced me to think about what to make. What article to write, what App to build, etc. Then as I ran out of good ideas, it forced me to seek out better ideas and change what I consume. Just like going to the gym long enough sort of forces you into better diet habits. Who wants to spend hours in the gym every week and have all the effort ruined with junk food?

After engaging with better ideas, I started to confront and question myself, question my deeply held beliefs. Were they still correct?

I started questioning my beliefs about what's worth working on. Before I knew it, I was questioning the meaning of my life. You may not care to answer the existential question right now, but I guarantee you will at some point.

Unfortunately, attention has been so fully hijacked that most won't even get to question what they are doing with their lives. Like drug addicts on some hard drugs that are either so high all the time or all they can think about is the next hit. They have no time to think if they should be taking drugs in the first place, if those drugs are doing damage to them, or if that's how they want to live their lives.

Fortunately for us, dopamine addicts, escaping that vicious cycle is easier. The simple act of creation will lead you to start thinking. And thinking will lead you to question everything, even what you're doing with your life.