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The thing about advice: An anti-advice essay.

Louie Bacaj
Louie Bacaj
2 min read
The thing about advice: An anti-advice essay.

The internet has blessed us with more advice than we've ever had to improve on anything we want to improve on. Yet the majority of it is garbage.

There are millions of articles, thousands of books and courses on how to write well online yet most of it is useless.

The thing about advice is this, one piece of advice could weigh more than 1000 times the next piece of advice. Knowing the weight of advice when we have no intuition of our own is impossible.

Yet, many consume all the advice they see as if it weighs the same. But Pareto Distributions, Power Laws, tell us that nothing weighs the same. One piece of advice may account for 99% of our improvement, and the rest may add up to a measly 1%.

Publishing every day has improved my writing immensely, more so than anything I have done so far to improve. I'll go as far as to say it has improved my writing more than EVERYTHING else I've learned COMBINED. Sorry for being facetious, but I needed to make that point. Yet, publishing every day is just one piece of advice in a sea of other advice on becoming a better writer.

We are terrible at weighing information with just logic. Partly because we never have all the right information or it's weight.

We spreadsheet things out. But when one piece of information can weigh 1 million times more than the next, your spreadsheet of considering things to improve is no good. If you just pick the right one, you can get 80%+ of the value from that one thing, throw away the spreadsheet and every other thing you were about to do to improve.

We have one capacity to weigh things quickly, that I know of, and that is intuition. When we have some level of intuition, we can sense that some piece of information is critical; it WEIGHS a LOT. But intuition requires some level of exposure, some level of trial and error, some level of doing.

Before I consume that advice on the internet now about how those seven things will improve my marketing or how these twenty things will help my startup succeed, I just try to do it myself first. So I can get some gut feelings, some intuition, and weigh that advice.