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When Writing, Do Repeat Yourself.

Louie Bacaj
Louie Bacaj
1 min read
When Writing, Do Repeat Yourself.

I try to go to church a few times a year.

When I go there I've realized they keep saying the same thing over and over. For a few thousand years now, religions retell the same stories, the same parables, teach us the same lessons, and tweak a few words to try and make them stick better.

Why does religion do that?

They do it because they want the ideas to connect with people. Religion does that because there is so much value in repeating the same thing; it will stick. There is so much value in small iterations. If you change too many variables, there is no way you can know which one made the biggest impact. Religion does that because they believe in it, and if they didn't deliver it well one time, it does not make it any less true.

As I look through my essays for Ship30, I've noticed a pattern. I have repeated essays from the first cohort, but I worded them slightly differently in the second. And somehow, they got far more views and reads than before. I could attribute this to many things, one of which is getting better at the craft of writing. But the much more likely explanation is the repetition and iteration.

No one has 100 shitty versions of anything. -Dickie and Cole, Ship30 founders.

Many of us try to develop unique ideas and unique things to talk about every day. But maybe we've got it wrong. Perhaps we need to keep talking about the same shit we believe in over and over.

People like Naval have been talking about the same thing online for years. If you look at Naval's tweets from 2016, you realize they are the same tweets as the ones from 2021. He's just found a better way to deliver them and get far more likes and engagement.

If you believe in your message, topics, and ideas, stick with them. Just iterate and get better at communicating your ideas and connecting with people.