Hi, i'm louie bacaj

Welcome to my online real estate. I write and host a podcast about all things related to software engineering and careers of said profession.


Where to blog? Medium, substack, WordPress, Ghost, or roll your own?

I have recently decided to reboot the blog. I am sure a lot of us working from home right now are thinking about using those two extra hours of commute time to do something productive. Get that blog setup, start writing, learn something and maybe, just maybe, make a few

How to Recruit and Retain Great Engineers

I’ve always been worried about bringing in great people to my team. Many years into this, and I am still concerned. One of the cliché phrases you hear as a people manager is: “You should never stop recruiting.” As cliché as it may sound, it’s the truth and

The Design Review

The Design ReviewThe design review, and then later in the development phase, the production readiness review, are two incredibly important parts of our development cycle on the Jet.com engineering team. These two events are a huge part of our success; in fact, I will argue that the design review

Principles for High Growth Products

This post is from a talk I recently did for our new class of interns, 2018, at Jet.com. We would not let this … or any of the other big problems in eCommerce stop us and we were determined to ramp up to unprecedented scale faster than anyone ever had

An Exemplary Life

I often write about technology online but this time I will be writing about something more important to me. I want to write about a man that had an incredibly interesting life and had a great deal of impact in mine. I have been fortunate in that I have known

eCommerce and Advertising on the Blockchain

Advertising on the internet, as we know it, is dead. Long live advertising! That may sound like hyperbole, but it is in fact where we are headed, and some, like myself, will argue that we are already there. I will lay out, what I believe, is sound reasoning for my

eCommerce on the blockchain.

What would eCommerce look like if it were done on the blockchain?eCommerce on the block chain would be an interesting animal. I’m not talking about an eCommerce shop that accepts bitcoin or even ethereum, a few of those already exist. I am talking about one that bakes the

The Jet Engine we built.

"Because it's probably harder to build a massive eCommerce platform than an actual Jet engine."So you want to build a massive online eCommerce platform?A lot of friends, and former colleagues, want to know what its been like to build Jet.com. I figured I would take a little
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