Hi, i'm louie bacaj

Welcome to my online real estate. I am a Software Engineer, an Engineering Leader at a Big Company, and I love Startups.


What do you do?

What do any of us do? The most obvious answer to what we do, for many of us, is that we do what we can and what circumstances and opportunities permit. For example, I started working at a young age as a busboy because my family needed my help, and

It's time to get some wins.

Back when I was into competitive gaming, I accidentally stumbled onto a strategy to consistently get my teams into the top 25 of the worldwide gaming ladders. I call the approach "Chaining Wins", the approach held even when we started playing newer versions of those competitive games. The strategy's genesis

After the bug, the RCA.

Bugs, software defects, happen, and when they do they can destroy trust with your business partners and break promises to your customers. I won't sugar coat it like most other articles on the topic out there seem to do that "bugs happen, oh well." Bugs can be so destructive as

Realestate Investing for Engineers

Engineers have a massive unique advantage in today's economy, one which very few are taking advantage of to build real wealth. That advantage is a high salary coupled with a stable job and a relatively stable industry. That advantage engineers have gets compounded when we factor in the lowest interest

Whose idea's influence you?

There is a theory out there called the Mimetic Theory, coined by René Girard; the Theory makes claims about human behavior, culture, and perhaps most importantly about ideas. Mimetic Theory summed up says that we are all influenced by each other, especially those closest to us, and it also means

Women and diversity in tech.

It is no secret that software engineering is now dominated by men, giants like Google and Facebook all have big issues with diversity especially when it comes to gender. It is not just those giants though, if we are honest with ourselves all of us in tech have this issue.

Where to blog? Medium, substack, WordPress, Ghost, or roll your own?

I have recently decided to reboot the blog. I am sure a lot of us working from home right now are thinking about using those two extra hours of commute time to do something productive. Get that blog setup, start writing, learn something and maybe, just maybe, make a few

How to Recruit and Retain Great Engineers

I’ve always been worried about bringing in great people to my team. Many years into this, and I am still concerned. One of the cliché phrases you hear as a people manager is: “You should never stop recruiting.” As cliché as it may sound, it’s the truth and
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