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Hi, I'm Louie Bacaj.

I am a Software Engineer and Engineering Leader who recently turned Entrepreneur.

I used to manage many engineering teams. I invest in and operate a few rental properties.

I write. And I teach others to get started with newsletters through the Small Bets Community. And I still love building software and apps.

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Featured Essays

Water on the marshlands
The Money or the Title?
Sept 10

When I was younger and just hitting the senior engineer rank of my career, I landed an offer at one of the big banks.

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A beach meadow
How to Write Online
Aug 30

I've written a lot in the last year, and I am about to give you what I think is the most important piece of advice about writing online.

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Woods and Meadows
Talent Nurseries
Nov 6

Shortly after the 2008 recession, my colleague asked our CEO the toughest question of all, "do you think there'll be raises this year?".

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Recent Issues of the M&Ms Newsletter

Woods and Meadows
M&Ms: Talent Nurseries
79th Edition

How to build up tech talent so someone else can steal it on the 79th Edition.

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A dark road with leaves
M&Ms: Building a Team Outside the Boxes
78th Edition

The 78th Edition on how I built a team in spite of everyone saying no at first.

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Turkeys in a meadow running in various directions
M&Ms: Fortune
77th Edition

The 77th Edition on how fortunes can change overnight.

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Join the 4k+ subscribers on the M&Ms Newsletter getting insights on entreprenuership, placing small bets, engineering, and personal growth.